Wednesday, January 16, 2013

About me


My name is Iulia and as you well know I have a huge crush on fashion even since I was a kid (don’t tell anyone, but I still am a kid). My first memory of this goes back to when I was 5 to 6 years old and I used to ask my mom to change my outfit several times a day. When I was in 1st grade I started choosing my own outfist and my mom decided to name me "miss" and she used to mock me and tell me that I resemble models that are cat-walking. It's amusing to share these memories because they are dear to me. I was lucky that my dad used to work abroad that way every time he came back home he used to bring back the prettiest clothes; most of which no one used to have and it made me thrilled every single time. I always stood out and had unique clothes and I recall that when I used to go shopping I had passion for picking the most unique items. In 5th grade I began playing basketball and my passion has died down; happens to be that sports outfits were comfortable. What's interesting is that I haven't learn to walk on heels until I advanced to 11th grade! Once I decided to put an end to my basketball career my passion for clothes has revived itself, since then I have enhanced my skills and working on developing my own fashion taste; I do not believe that you can form your taste based on brand names, to me it is an art of knowing what to wear regardless on price tag or name because what you wear shows a certain unique character within you in my opinion. One thing that I like is that I don't have one way of wearing clothes, I'm a fan of mix-matching anything from different colors to different prints, to me it is a game of expressing myself when it comes to how I wear my own clothes. And if I was to refer to it from an artist point of view; I consider my body as a canvas and the clothes as the paint and that way I can sort of paint a painting using clothes.
I would like to share with you the purpose of this blog; after 2 years that I and my partner  have created the blog I have decided to back up from it and start a new page that I will express my opinion in a more personalized way, I plan to treat it in a more professional and post to my readers in a way that I find more fitting, I decided to make a daily program in which I will take care of my blog. I believe that I have the ability to do a better job of expressing my thoughts and opinions in a way that appeals to a variety of readers, I would also like to mention that I have developed a passion for Journalism which I am currently studying for at my university. I decided not  to use a professional camera in which I will show my readers and viewers my point of view; I intend to show you how I see things with the help of my simple lens. This blog will be maintained at a low cost for personal reasons, I intend to show my skills without the help of money because many of my readers might come from unfortunate circumstances that might not appeal to what I write about or how I manage things within my blog. I want to purely express my personal style without being influenced by how things are "supposed" to be. I want to teach my readers that money is not the means that will necessarily decide whether you are stylish or not, you can definitely have style without having money. Your body can be taken care of with homemade natural products. I want my readers to approach this blog as one that can help them develop their inner self and character and I also want my readers to use this blog as a bridge to get to know other readers and this way there will be a network where readers can teach and learn from each other through constructive criticism.
This blog will contain a variety of topics and it will be as follows, I will post a blog where I pose a certain outfit and it will contain tips about beauty, healthy diet, and ways to keep your body operating in a balanced way. I will include steps that my readers are welcomed to follow and I will make sure that whatever I include within my blog would be of low cost and easy to access. Some posts will include traveling tips from places that I have visited or I intend to visit. I am currently pursuing a degree in Tourism and I will share my knowledge with my readers. My blog will also include short editorials that will include different topics, I will share my thoughts and feelings concerning anything that comes through my mind and I will find it worthwhile for my readers to know about. Certain topics will follow trends and designer collections and some will include household decor tips. I will make sure to show a balanced point of view that will include both the beautiful and the ugly about this universe.
It might seems that I spend all my time thinking and writing about fashion but it is far from reality, Some of my more hidden passions are sports even though I do not participate in one anymore due to ankle injury, and of-course I have a special passion for basketball which is my favorite sport, I try to attend as many games as I can go to. I have recently started working on a book of mine which is an old project that I have left for a while. I spend some of my time reading lectures of high quality in order to refine my knowledge and I read books from a variety of topis like psychology and biography. Not long ago I started reading Coco Channel's biography and I enjoy it a lot because I find her to be the best example of a woman who over-passed her circumstances and proved that you can become somebody if you're determined enough with the help of ambition, talent, and hard work. My way of relaxing which has proven itself to be the best is walking while thinking of how to inspire myself at the same time. I find people to be beautiful both on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside but inner beauty can capture me,  being a good person is what matters.
I feel like this is a good enough introduction for my readers. I would like my readers to keep sending me feedback's in order for me to know how to appeal to them. At the end of this presentation there is a little video only in romanian for the moment but if you will want I will make the english version too.



Dupa cum deja stiti eu sunt Iulia si sunt o mare pasionata a modei inca de cand eram doar un copil ( sa nu spuneti la nimeni, dar inca sunt :)) ). Primele mele amintiri in legatura cu asta le am din perioada in care aveam in jur de 5-6 ani cand o rugam pe mama in fiecare zi sa-mi schimbe tinuta de mai multe ori, urmand ca de pe clasa intai sa fac eu acest lucru motiv pentru care mama a inceput sa imi spuna ca fac parada modei si sa ma alinte miss. E amuzant sa va povestesc toate astea pentru ca sunt niste amintiri atat de pretioase pentru mine. Marele meu noroc atat atunci cat si acum era faptul ca tatal meu lucreaza in strainatate si mereu cand venea acasa imi aducea cele mai frumoase haine si tot ceea ce ceilalti copii nu aveau si eram atat de incantata si de mandra de asta. Imi placea foarte mult sa ies in evidenta inca de atunci si sa am cele mai frumoase haine, iar cand mergeam la cumparaturi mereu eram lasata sa aleg ce imi place. Cu toate astea in momentul in care am inceput sa joc baschet, undeva prin clasa a 5-a pasiunea mea s-a mai estompat nu in sensul ca nu imi placea in continuare sa ma imbrac diferit, dar mai mult sport si cat mai comod pentru ca o cerea meseria. Unde mai pui ca pana prin clasa a 11-a tocurile pentru mine erau o necunoscuta, poate cineva sa creada una ca asta? Mie una nici acum nu-mi vine sa cred cand ma gandesc, dar asta e adevarul si nu pot sa ma ascund dupa deget. O data incheiata cariera baschetbalistica sau mai bine zis undeva pe la mijlocul clasei a 12-a mi-am redescoperit aceasta pasiune si de atunci o dezvolt in mod constant si incerc sa invat cat mai mult si imi personalizez stilul mereu tocmai pentru ca sunt de parere ca nu doar marile prezentari de moda te formeaza ci tu insuti te poti forma si transforma si mereu trebuie sa porti haine in care te simti bine, te caracterizeaza si care se potrivesc si conformatiei fizice. Nu pot spune despre mine ca am un stil anume, imi place sa incerc cate putin din toate, imi plac culorile, imi plac imprimeurile cat mai ciudate si imi place sa combin intre ele cele mai ciudate si poate chiar cele mai nepotrivite (pentru unii) piese vestimentare. Imi place sa ma joc, moda asta inseamna pentru mine, o modalitate de exprimare. Pentru mine corpul meu e ca o panza pe care o pot modela si colora in fiecare zi intr-un mod diferit, aparte, personal cu cele mai traznite sau simple tinute.
Sa vorbim acum si despre altele lucruri, cum ar fi scopul acestui blog si de ce am ales sa-l realizez. Dupa 2 ani in care am detinut, blog pe care l-am realizat impreuna cu o alta persoana motiv pentru care am fost nevoita sa renunt la el, am decis ca a venit clipa sa incep de la zero si sa ma exprim de una singura intr-un cu totul alt mod si sa fiu ceva mai profi cand vine vorba de cititori si postari, urmand sa-mi realizez un program zilnic in care sa ma ocup de blog. Cred cu tarie ca am ce sa arat lumii si ma pot exprima destul de bine in scris, avand in vedere ca aceasta e o alta mare pasiune a mea pentru imbunatatirea careia lucrez constant. In acelasi timp vreau ca acest blog sa fie o poarta spre o alta lume, vreau sa demonstrez ca se pot realiza lucruri marete si fara un aparat super-profi, fara cele mai moderne tehnologii si decoratiuni si in mare parte fara o multime de bani. Sa fim seriosi, traim intr-o lume in care banul conduce totul, dar din pacate sunt foarte multe persoane care nu-si permit sa aiba acces la anumite lucruri. Vreau ca aceste persoane sa inteleaga ca stilul personal, dezvoltarea lor ca persoane si tot ce tine de asta nu are nici o legatura cu banii si ca se poate sa fii apreciat si fara toate astea si sper ca in acest demers sa ma sprijiniti si voi cititorii acestui blog. Nu e o cale usoara, dar vreau sa fac ceva pentru toti cei care sunt marginalizati din cauza banilor, iar acesta e modul meu prin care incerc sa-i ajut, sa-i invat sa se aprecieze si mai ales sa vada ca se poate sa ai un stil frumos cu bani putini, se poate sa te intretii cu produse naturale, preparate la tine acasa s.a.m.d. Vreau ca acest pas sa fie primul pas pentru cei care au conditii de viata modeste. In acelasi timp blogul e si o modalitate de dezvoltare personala pentru mine, atat ca stil, cat si ca exprimare in scris, dar nu in ultimul rand o metoda de relationare cu voi ceilalti de la care pot invata atat de multe lucruri si alaturi de care pot creste ca persoana si caracter. Ne putem ajuta unii pe altii prin cuvinte frumoase, prin comentarii pertinente si de ce nu prin critica, bineinteles sper una constructiva si nu rautacioasa.
O sa gasiti aici diferite teme, in principiu am sa postez tinute, cat mai multe cu putinta, in primul rand pentru ca iubesc hainele si ador sa le combin in diverse feluri, citatul acesta din Sex and The City ma caracterizeaza perfect: „I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.”.  Pe langa aceasta veti gasi diferite sfaturi de infrumusetare, intretinere, dieta si tot ce tine de ingrijire corporala, cele mai multe vor fi bazate pe ingrediente simple pe care le avem cu totii la indemana si de care multi nu stim cat de utile ne pot fi. O sa mai fie si postari cu diferite locuri in care ajung sau locuri in care imi doresc sa ajung, avand in vedere ca sunt studenta la Turism vreau sa impartasesc diverse informatii cu voi pentru ca exista atat de multe locuri minunate pe Pamant de care nici nu avem habar si care inca nu au fost atinse de mana omului intr-un mod atat de brutal incat sa li se distruga frumusetea. Nu in ultimul rand veti gasi aici scurte editoriale pe diverse teme, ganduri, trairi, emotii si tot ce imi mai trece prin minte si cred ca merita impartasit. O sa mai existe si postari in care voi discuta despre tendinte, colectii, idei de decoratiuni interioare etc. In principiu, veti gasi aici cam tot ce imi place mie, tot ce placut ochiului, dar si anumite lucruri urate pentru ca frumusetea nu exista fara uratenie si nici invers.
Pe langa moda si pasiunea de a scrie, mai am si alte mici tabieturi cum ar fi sportul, imi place sa fac cat mai multa miscare desi nu fac atat cat ar trebui din cauza micilor probleme ale gleznei. Una din marile mele iubiri ramane totusi baschetul, incerc sa particip la cat mai multe meciuri pentru a mai stinge dorul de asta. Lucrez de asemenea de cateva luni bune la o carte, un proiect mai vechi de-al meu dar pe care nu l-am putut concretiza pana acum.. Incerc sa citesc cat mai mult si lectura sa fie una de buna calitate, nu sunt genul Sandra Brown, fara suparare pentru cei carora le place. Imi plac cartile psihologice extrem de mult, dar si biografiile diverselor personalitati, chiar acum citesc o biografie a lui Coco Chanel pe care o ador si care mi se pare exemplul perfect al femeii care si-a depasit conditia si a demonstrat cat de sus poti ajunge cu ajutorul ambitiei, talentului si mai ales a muncii. Imi plac foarte mult plimbarile in aer liber, mi se par o eterna sursa de inspiratie si relaxare. Imi plac oamenii frumosi, nu doar exterior sau mai bine spus nu in principal in exterior, ci cei frumosi pe dinauntru, oamenii care au ceva de spus si care o vor face, oamenii simpli, calzi si blanzi si care stiu ce inseamna sa fii om, putini mai stiu asta in ziua de azi.
Am vorbit destul despre mine pentru azi, pe parcurs ne vom descoperi mai mult unii pe altii, va las cu varianta filmata a acestei povesti, sper sa va placa si sa va aduca un zambet pe buze, iar pe viitor daca veti dori o sa mai realizez astfel de filmulete amuzante.


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